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Tall Order Dynamics LHD Cassette Wheel - Black 9 Tooth

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Tall Order Dynamics LHD Cassette Wheel - Black 9 Tooth

These are the stealth black version of the wheel sets, they have black hubs, black spokes and black spoke nipples instead of the classic black spokes with silver spoke nipples.

Tall Order's custom complete rear wheel, created from Tall Order aftermarket products. The Drone Cassette hub has already become a classic with it's instantly recognisable drone-like buzz, nickel plated driver, extremely responsive engagement and Chromoly female bolts. The Air rim features a huge array of properly considered and innovative specifications, including increased wall thickness around the nipple holes, dent and pinch resistant bead profile and a V-shaped rim bed for easier installation and removal of tyres, to name but a few. Supplied with a Tall Order rim tape.


1.180kg/ 2lbs 10oz

Tall Order Left Hand Drive Drone Cassette Hub

Chromoly 14mm female bolts
17mm hex and 8mm Allen broach
Polymer bushing 9 tooth driver
150 points of micro engagement
6903RS sealed bearings

Tall Order Air Rim

Custom extruded triple box section profile
33mm wide x 19.4mm deep rim (11mm Sidewall)
Aluminium 6066-T6 material
Increased wall thickness around spoke holes
Flash welded seam joint
Centralised spoke layout for increased spoke angle
Internally drilled to reduce weight
V-shaped internal rim bed for easier tyre installation or removal
Larger flattened bead profile to resist dents and reduce pinch flats
Large corner radius to reduce hang ups during grinds
Box section walls are continuous with no cut-outs to maintain strength around the entire rim
ERD 388mm