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Born and raised in a run-down fishing town in the South of England my friends and I spent most of our youth playing football and trying our best to get chased by anybody older than us. Until one Sunday we came across 2 adults on BMX bikes seemingly with the same attitudes as us, capitalising on the quiet industrial estate by seeing it as their playground, these guys were grinding handrails jumping stairs and having fun. Our lives changed within an instant and we spent every waking minute riding ramps, building trails and travelling to skateparks.


I’ve been very lucky to have had a long career as a pro BMX rider and so like most choices when the time is right the right decision is easy to make, so starting my own range of BMX frames felt like a natural transition for me.

We have seen BMX evolve naturally into street riding being the predominant style of freestyle BMX but for me although I enjoy riding street and using my pegs I have always had a bigger passion for riding transitions whether indoors, outdoors, wood, dirt, cement or brick the feeling of trying to go faster, higher and land smoother has always been my thing, you like what you like I guess.

For this reason, ‘tall order’ frames and parts will be designed and engineered specifically to be ridden at the highest level on transitions of all types and sizes. – Sebastian Keep

Name: Sebastian Keep

Age: 36

Hometown: Hastings, United Kingdom

Sponsors: tall order bmx, Primo, Vans, Red Bull

Occupation: BMX Pro

Instagram: sebastiankeep

Bike: tall order 315