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Ive always been obsessed with riding bikes and at 11 years old during a bike ride a friend and I stumbled across a huge halfpipe. I was shocked, Id never seen anything like it, I didn’t know these enormous structures existed. The kids at the ramp were friendly, welcoming and cool, It felt to me like a secret gang of kids hiding away from the mainstream, having fun and supporting each other through their battles of learning new impressive tricks. These kids instantly became my idols, they helped me during my first nerve racking runs on the ramp, gave me advice about my bike, and made me feel a part of something, I knew right away that my life was about to change forever.

I spent my entire childhood outside with friends riding BMX , building dirt jumps, learning tricks, having fun, and being a part of a very special community . I turned professional in 2003 at 19 years old, travelled the world and have lived my dream ever since.

At 33 years old I decided to pursue my dream of owning my own Bike brand, the two main goals were simple, firstly I hoped to create exciting Youtube videos encapsulating the essence of the BMX spirit to help inspire people of all ages to get out, ride bikes and become a part of this incredible community. The vision was to enable this by using all of my experience to create high functioning, quality affordable products.

25 years after I started riding BMX we received our first shipment of tall order bikes and 3 years after launching the tall order brand our products are respected trusted and sold in 12 countries around the world. Our Youtube videos continue to inspire people of all ages to get out and have a go at riding, and have had over 20 million views.

Our high functioning products are carefully designed to be ridden at the highest level and are used to progress the sport by top professionals around the world.

The goal remains the same…  "Inspire and enable"

– Sebastian Keep

Its a tall order but we're taller...