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I remember seeing videos of Callum a few years ago and being absolutely blown away with what he was doing on a bike, I knew instantly he would suit riding a tall order. I had to wait a couple of years before an opportunity to sponsor him came up and when it did I jumped on it and was over the moon to get him on board! Callum is easy going, laid back kid and his riding is beyond ridiculous. Some of the tricks he does seem only possible when you slow it down and watch a few times on repeat! Our work to constantly be ahead in the race to innovate and progress BMX products go hand in hand with Callum’s incredibly progressive riding and his need for the best parts on the market.

It makes me proud every time I see Callum riding a tall order and he wears it well! I cant wait to get out on some road trips with Callum and Im excited to film some more wizardry like tricks in the years to come! – Sebastian Keep



Name: Callum Rafferty

Hometown: Leicester, United Kingdom

Sponsors: tall order, TLC

Occupation: BMX rider

Instagram: callumraffertybmx

Bike: tall order 187