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Tall Order 195 Frame - Metallic Orange

£339.99 GBP


Tall Order 195 Frame - Metallic Orange

The brand new 195 frame features geometry unlike any other frame we've made. To start it has a 76 degree head tube angle to make the front end super responsive. The back end is 13" slammed but uses the same drop outs as the 280 so can be run at 13.44" at its longest. The BB has been dropped to 11.4" which is a lot lower compared to the rest of our frames which will allow the bike to feel more stable yet still allowing the rear end to be short and agile without making the bike feel like its too small. This frame uses 4130 Sanko Chromoly Steel, for maximum strength and minimal weight.

• Top Tube: 20.6”  /  21”
• Head Tube: 76°
• Seat Tube: 71°
• Chain Stay: 13” slammed
• Stand Over: 9”
• BB Height: 11.4”
• Weight: 
5lbs 4.3oz
• Built In Chain Tensioners
• Brake Mount Kit Included