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Tall Order 187 V3 Frame - Reilly Gloss White

£339.99 GBP


Tall Order 187 V3 Frame - Reilly Gloss White

The 187 V3 is designed for transitions, just how Kieran likes it. Short and responsive back end with the lowest stand over in the range. It now features ovalized tapered chain stays to allow for 28 tooth sprockets. The frame features an IC seat clamp and seat stay bridge along with top tube and down tube gussets. This frame uses 4130 Sanko Chromoly Steel, for maximum strength and minimal weight.

Please note that due to the translucent finish on these frames some may show a spidering effect under the coating. This will vary on every frame.

• Top Tube: 19.75”  /  20.4”  /  20.8”
• Head Tube: 75°
• Seat Tube: 71°
• Chain Stay: 12.8” slammed
• Stand Over: 7.5”
• BB Height: 11.6”
• Weight: 5lbs 1.4oz (20.4)
• Built In Chain Tensioners
• Brake Mount Kit Included