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I met Matty Cranmer 2 years ago in California at the Vans U.S open. Matty came along to the contest with his brother Scotty. He must of only been 17 years old at the time but he ripped around the bowl all weekend looking like he was having the time of his life. This year at the same contest Matty was ripping around the bowl again and the first thing I thought was how much better he had got since I saw him ride last year. We spent some time hanging out at the event and one day whilst we were all eating lunch it suddenly clicked and I thought it would be amazing to have Matty join ‘tall order’. I spoke to his friend Big Boy and his brother Scotty to try to find out whether Matty would be interested. A couple days later after he had killed finals at the U.S open we spoke for a while about ‘tall order’ and I had a gut feeling right there that we were on the same page! 

When I got back to England Matty and I spoke some more and we both realised we were stoked to officially make it happen! I sent him a box of ‘tall order parts and some clothing and all was left to do was to officially announce joining the team. 

Matty is a humble down to earth kid that rip’s and I’m beyond excited and proud to welcome him to ‘tall order’. – Sebastian Keep


Name: Matty Cranmer

Age: 19

Hometown: Jackson, NJ, USA

Sponsors: tall order bmx, Monster Army and Vans

Occupation: Bike mechanic and salesman

Instagram: MattyCranmer

Bike: tall order 215