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Matty is a unique and rare type of rider that has the ability to seamlessly switch between extremely difficult technical tricks (using pegs) and big aired show piece tricks popular with the new generation . This particular style was popular in the early 2000’s and is destined to prevail again as riders look for more and more ways to impress and surprise. Another virtue of Matty’s talent is his ability to boost exceptionally high airs with tricks thrown in for good measure.
Matty is a down to earth lad that enjoys fitness running and the gym aswell as riding bikes with his friends down in Australia.
I personally cant wait to get down to Oz to hang with matty and explore Australia with this well respected rider and some of the other team..
 – Sebastian Keep


Name: Matty Ballis

Age: 21

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Sponsors: tall order bmx

Occupation: BMX rider

Instagram: mattyballis