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I am absolutely honoured for Matt be a part of tall order, he’s a genuine nice kid who always makes the time of day for anyone! I've spent a good amount of time travelling and riding with him over the years and every trip has been full of laughs and never drama! His riding is special and he’s admired by everyone in the bmx community whose passion is in preserving the aesthetics of the technique. Of all the incredible times and memories I’ve gathered from 25 years of riding bikes there are several I'm most happy with, one of them being becoming friends with Matt. Matt was riding our tyres and hubs anyway and so after a chat we decided to get him on the team officially! – Sebastian Keep



Name: Matt Priest

Hometown: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Sponsors: tall order (parts), Vans, Verde, Villa Road

Occupation: BMX rider

Instagram: mattpriest321

Bike: tall order 215