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Quad tailwhips, Huge 1080's, double backflips, Free BMX bike, MADNESS!

Posted on March 16 2020

Quad tailwhips, Huge 1080's, double backflips, broken bikes, drama, Russians and a free bike this video HAS IT ALL! We meet up with the team for a huge session at Adrenaline alley! Myself and Microwave walk around the skatepark looking for a random lucky kid to give a tall order bike too then Callum Rafferty blows my mind with insane tailwhip and barspin combos, Kaz boosts massive high airs, Matt hangs up and bursts his tyre, I pushed myself into doing a trick I've wanted to do for months, then some crazy Russian BMX pros join the session and try some insane tricks including 1080's and quad tailwhips!! MIND blowing day! WATCH TO THE END FOR MADNESS! Featuring - Sebastian Keep, microwave, Callum Rafferty, Kaz Campbell, Irek Risaev, Matt Paris!