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tall order – Webisode #1: Starting a new BMX company

Join me on my journey to start and run a BMX company called tall order. Documenting the whole process on YouTube i’ll be travelling overseas to look at product design and manufacturing, searching out and sponsoring talented BMX riders, introducing the team, filming projects, putting on contests and much more. It’s going to be a huge challenge and I know there’ll be highs and lows but for me the journey is the reward so lets do this. – Sebastian Keep

tall order – Webisode #2: Visiting BMX Manufacturers in Taiwan

I flew 6000 miles across the world to Taiwan to explore the factories where BMX parts are made.  It was a crazy eye opening experience getting to see how many people and how much work is involved in getting even the smallest bike parts ready to be ridden. Taiwan is an amazing culturally rich country that at times felt like i was on another planet and I loved every minute of it. Big thanks to King – Sebastian Keep

tall order – Webisode #3: Printing Posters & Riding Skateparks

With magazines dropping off in the U.K (apart from the rad Endless Mag) we visited a high tech printing factory to have posters made to send to bike shops and to send out with clothing orders. I think we ordered way too many posters! In this webisode we also ride skateparks in the south of England and Jack Clark destroys it!

tall order – Webisode #4 First big riding session with the team!

In this webisode we drove from Hastings to Essex to ride Jack’s local Skatepark (Canvey Island) . On the way to Essex we had to make an emergency stop on the side of the busy A21 to search for something Jack had dropped out of his window! When we finally made it to Essex we learnt about how Jack nearly DIED riding after throwing up blood after a massive crash!

We then headed to Cambridge to stay with Matt Priest and ride for the first time with the ‘tall order’ team Matt Harris, Kaz Campbell and David Gilchrist. We rode Stansted skatepark where Jack and Matt shredded!! Oli got loose and landed smooth on everything! Matt Priest rode Jack’s Segway all day then we headed to Abbey trails to see the boys shred their local spot in-between revision for their GCSE exams. David finished the day off with a massive gap to wall ride at the trails that nobody had ever tried before!

tall order – Webisode #5 Foam Pit Superhero!

On bank holiday Monday we hit the Source Park in Hastings to ride the Plaza room, the foam pit and the Bowl room. Jack drove down with Sophie and then absolutely killed the bowl pulling a G-turn to double peg 270! Oli was still tired from running 65 miles from London to Brighton but still killed the foam pit! I even got to ride the bowl for a bit!


tall order – Webisode #6 X-Games! Behind the Curtains!

In this video – I was beyond stoked but also really nervous to get invited to X Games Austin to work on commentary and hosting for BMX park and street. I took the camera behind the scenes in the TV rooms and around the X-Games site. I was busy working but when i finally got the camera out I ended up capturing the X-Games vert battle going on between Jamie Bestwick and Vince Byron with reactions from both of them straight after the contest.

This was my first trip to America since starting ‘tall order”, it was a good chance to give some t-shirts out to friends and also chat to lots of people in the industry about starting my company.

tall order – Webisode #7 Eye of the storm (The First ‘tall order’ BMX Jam)

After months of planning the day finally arrived of our jam at frontside gardens London. I flew home from X-Games in Austin on Friday and Saturday morning Oli and I packed the car with prizes and our new ‘tall order” banners and headed for London.

The weather forecast said it would rain at 2pm but we hoped for the best. A big turnout of the U.K bmx scene arrived and we were on for an amazing day until suddenly torrential rain poured down on us! The huge black cloud above us was pouring rain onto the skatepark and it seemed like we were the only place getting rain.

A couple of hours later it stopped and everyone got to work on drying the park. After a lot of pushing water around with squeegee’s half of the park was dry and so the cash for tricks jam started. Everybody killed it and had fun and things got loose including Oli! Kieran Reilly who had driven down the night before with his dad and slept in the car killed the cash for tricks jam and i later heard he gave some of his winnings to 7 year old Kerr (featured at the end of the video).

This was our first attempt at holding a jam and we were unlucky with the weather but we’ll definitely be holding more jams in the future..

Thanks for watching!

tall order – Webisode #8 Sample Frames Have Landed

2 months ago we launched tall order and since then we have been working hard on the product designs! In a previous video of mine i traveled 6000 miles to Taiwan to see the frames being made and in this video THEY ARE HERE finished and finally in my hands! In this video I talk through the frame specifications and some of the other products we have in the making!

Let me know in the comments what you think of our first range of products! Your comments will help me out a lot!

Also check my website for the full spec on the geometry on the frames!


tall order – Webisode #9 Trails and Wales Part One

With Corey Bohan flying over from L.A to the U.k to ride NASS and stay a while we decided to go on the road for a few days in search of a man made wave in Wales and to ride Trails along the way.
In this episode we start out the trip in Hastings , build up some new ‘tall orders’ and hit some decent and fun trails! Featuring Corey Bohan, Matt Harris, Oliver Jack Jones, and Sebastian keep.

tall order – Webisode #10 Trails and Wales Part Two

In this episode we travel from Hastings to London to ride with jack Clark .We drive to Wales in search of a huge mechanical man made wave. We surf the wave get barrelled and watch a man get inside a lake in Wales without a wet suit on. Featuring Corey Bohan, Matt Harris, Sebastian Keep Mike King and Jack Clark.

tall order – Webisode #11 Trails and Wales Part Three

In this Episode we arrive in Cambridge at Matt Priests house. Oli turns up out of the blue! We then ride a rad skatepark in Bury and Oli, Jack and Matt kill it!
Featuring Corey Bohan, Matt Harris, Sebastian Keep, Jack Clark, and Oliver Jones

tall order – Webisode #12 Trails and Wales Part Four

In this final episode of our trip we ride the amazing Woodyard Trails in Cambridge! Oli overcomes his fear of riding trails! Matt and Corey kill it! Jack does a wild 180 barspin, Dave does one of the biggest 360’s ever done at Woodyard and we finish the trip with a big BBQ

tall order – Webisode #13 INSANE CRASH! Vans US OPEN PART ONE!

I’m out in California at the Vans U.S open! I was messing around filming my best friend Robin Fenlon when a CRAZY guy CRASHED his bike into Robin and an innocent bystander! It was OUTRAGEOUS! We then rode practice at the contest, hung out with Bohan and finished the day with a massive epic session at Oakley trails! Featuring Corey Bohan, Ben Hennon, Chris Doyle, Hucker, Dennis Enarson, Jason Watts and Sebastian Keep.

tall order – Webisode #14 THE BOHAN APPROACH! Vans US OPEN PART TWO!

Finals day at the Vans U.S open! Once again Corey Bohan’s laid back approach to contests pays off and he made it into the finals. I followed him to see how he approaches a big contest. At times i thought i was gonna have to wake him up. Chris Doyle speaks to me about Bohan’s riding and i asked the founder of Vans Steve Van Doren some questions about why he does cool stuff for BMX, let us know in the comments what you think.

tall order – Webisode #15 JACK IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!

Matt turned his first car into a bottle of Bud and called it ‘Buddy’ then drove it to pick up Bohan from the airport. Bohan and Oli were not pleased about traveling in Buddy so Oli kicked a huge dent into my car! We all rode Crawley Skatepark, Oli went nuts and did a massive gap, Bohan is the most stylish rider in the world! Jack can do anything he wants on a bike but can’t spell and Matt did a 720 onto Oli and the camera!

FEATURING: Jack Clark, Corey Bohan, Sebastian Keep, Oli Jones and Matt Harris.

tall order – Webisode #16 BATTLE OF HASTINGS BMX CONTEST DAY 1

This weekend in my Home town Hastings at the Source skatepark there is a huge BMX contest called ‘The battle of Hastings’. It’s a team contest and I was lucky enough to be given the chance to pick a team! My team is Myself, Jack Clark, Dylan Lewis and Joe Jarvis. Today was the first contest. It was held in the plaza room at the skatepark and so I had to pick 2 from my team that could ride street set ups, Joe Jarvis and Jack clark stepped up and rode amazing! Their riding was filmed by Rich forne and all of the edits are going to be shown to everyone at the contest on the Saturday night. We very nearly didn’t make it to the contests on time as Jack was still in his pants 30 mins before this big contest started! After that we rode bowl practice and our whole team is set to ride in the bowl contest tomorrow…

tall order – Webisode # 17 FOUR RIDERS AGAINST THE WORLDS BEST!

The Battle of Hastings is a team contest consisting of 11 teams of 4 riders, competing in 3 rounds. The teams with the most points after 3 rounds would make the 4 team final…..

My team – Joe Jarvis, Jack Clark, Dylan Lewis and myself…

On day one in the first round (the plaza contest) Joe Jarvis and Jack clark scored only 3 points out of the maximum 11. This meant that in round two (the bowl contest) we would need to place as high as possible. Jack, Dylan and Joe rode amazing in the bowl contest and the atmosphere was amazing! We scored 8 points out of 11 in the bowl contest but this didn’t give us enough points to reach the 4 team final. There was one more round to go, the best trick and I nominated Joe Jarvis to ride as it was held in the street area. Joe would need to come 1st place against the very best street riders in the world to earn us enough points…

(Apologies for the bad filming in this one)

tall order – Webisode #18 LEARNING TO RIDE UPSIDE DOWN!

Myself matt and Jack headed to London to ride Viccy park Bowl. Matt did a big gap and learnt to carve the cradle upside down Jack was 2 hours late but killed everything! I did a barspin! And a helicopter landed at the skatepark! Viccy park is an amazing bowl if your ever in london its a must visit spot!

tall order – Trails and Surf Trip

Corey Bohan flew to the U.K and we headed on a little trip to ride some trails and hit up a mechanical surf wave in Wales. Featuring Corey Bohan, Matt Harris, Oli Jones, David Gilchrist, Sebastian Keep and Jack Clark.


When I started the company I said id do a video diary as I wanted to document the whole process of starting and running a BMX company but I kind of got side tracked. So from now on I’m going to be doing these Vlogs often. It’ll be pretty sick to look back on these in years to come when the company is killing it haha

tall order – Webisode #19 SURPRISE SPONSORSHIP!

In this episode we invited Tom Graves to come out for a session with us! We started at Seventies where Tom and Matt got a few treats then we headed to Base skatepark and had a rad session. Tom killed it roasting massive airs and and being a funny little dude! Oli was messing around training for FISE in the foam pit and Matt learnt to 360 spines. Also in this episode we surprised Tom with a big question!?


Pumped BMX put us ‘tall order’ in the Game! And so we travelled up to meet the guys behind the popular BMX game! We spent a day with Lima and Adam and got a real insight into how much work went into making the game! Thanks for making a rad game and for supporting BMX dudes.


Back in April I started my own bike company ‘tall order’ After nearly a whole year of putting in work the first shipment of my products has landed! In this video Oliver and I unbox all of the tall order products and guide you though the range providing all info on the frames, bars, seats, forks and the pocket socket!


We went back to Base skatepark with the U.K’s number one Jack Clark, Oli Kones, Tom Graves and Sebastian Keep. Jack turned up late and forgot his front wheel, Oli beat Jack on a nose wheelie and half cab challenge, Tom is the UK Tanner Fox and we all had a sick session!

My Red Bull BMX video Where is the Footage!?

We went to the Red Bull office to have a meeting about my Red Bull BMX video “Walls’ that is dropping on January 16th. We are arranging premiere’s in Hastings and London.


Shout out to everybody that sent me messages good and bad!


In this Vlog I headed to the Red Bull office to discuss plans for future projects. Since the release of “Walls” I’ve been approached by a few companies for adverts so I headed out to Germany to talk with a producer and director.


After the release of ‘Walls’ Ive had a few companies hit me up with various requests. This one was to good to pass up, I got asked to film an advert for Ford. I had to chase a rally driver ( Toni Kelly) in the NEW Ford ST through the Ford plant in Cologne on my BMX. Filmed and produced by the Top Gear crew this was a GOOD time and a good trip!

Vans BMX 2017 PRO Cup Contest.

I headed to beautiful Australia to attend the Vans BMX PRO cup contest.


We bought the ultimate BMX road trip vessel and took her on her maiden voyage.


We rode street, went to a trampoline park and rode one of the biggest skateparks in the U.K.


We bought a boat and went on an adventure! This was unreal!


This was fun!


This bridge is the craziest spot ever!


We rode a rad skatepark and Oli got chased off a roof!


He literally nearly hit the roof! I have No idea how he can air so high!


We went on a quest to find and ride this HUGE spine hipped pointy thing! Riding this is DANGEROUS!


Waking the beast! This thing is insane!


We searched and found this crazy spot!! ENJOY!

We Found a CRAZY roof spot!